Love in the 1980's - 2015

Yubo (Lu Fangsheng) has just graduated from university and been assigned to work in a small village in his home province. Here he meets Liwen (Yang Caiyu), who was his high school classmate (and desk mate), and with whom he was in love. He spends the next six months pursuing her, yet despite the obvious attraction and chemistry between them, she rejects his love (again) out of fear that she will hold him back in his career. The back story of political purges causes her to repress her feelings for him. Years later, Yubo runs into Liwen again at their high school reunion. He gets drunk and she agrees to stay with him overnight to take care of him. After they sleep together, she rejects his proposal of love a third time, telling him that he belongs on the road. Another few years pass, and this time when he goes to visit her he learns that she has just died after a brief unhappy marriage to a truck driver. Yubo ends up adopting and raising her daughter. Director: Jianqi Huo Writers: Yong Chen (screenplay), Shiping Zheng (screenplay) Stars: Fangsheng Lu, Caiyu Yang, Shutong Li