The Complex: Lockdown(2020)

The Complex:Lockdown - 2020

Title: The Complex: Lockdown (2020) Genre: Sci-Fi Runtime: 80 min - Rating: n/A Director: Paul Raschid Cast: Michelle Mylett, Al Weaver, Kate Dickie… Plot: In the aftermath of a major bio-weapons attack in London, DR AMY TENANT and a former colleague DR. REES WAKEFIELD find themselves in a locked-down laboratory debating whether to save the life of suspected terrorist, CLARE MAHEK. As spies breach the perimeter to silence the suspect, our scientists find themselves trapped inside the impenetrable labyrinth of The Complex.

The Secret Dare To Dream (2020)

The Secret Dare To Dream - 2020

Title: The Secret: Dare to Dream (2020) Genre: Drama, Romance Runtime: 107 min - Rating: 6.8 Director: Andy Tennant Cast: Katie Holmes, Josh Lucas, Jerry O'Connell… Plot: Based on the groundbreaking best-selling book by Rhonda Byrne, The Secret: Dare to Dream follows Miranda (Katie Holmes), a young widow trying to make ends meet while raising her three children and dating her boyfriend (Jerry O'Connell). A devastating storm brings an enormous challenge and a mysterious man, Bray (Josh Lucas), into Miranda's life. Bray reignites the family's spirit but, unbeknownst to Miranda, also holds an important secret - one that will change everything. With its timeless messages of hope, compassion, and gratitude, The Secret: Dare to Dream is an inspiring and heartwarming film that shows how positive thoughts can transform our lives.

Unbound (2020)

Unbound - 2020

Title: Unbound (2020) Genre: Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller Runtime: 97 min - Rating: 7.3 Director: Steve Rahaman Cast: Daniel O'Shea, Debra Toscano, Michael Robert Anderson… Plot: Julius Fonteneau has decided to take the law into his own hands after his daughter has gone missing. His only friend supports him while his wife resents him and the police are growing suspicious of his intentions. He must determine right from wrong and make the ultimate decision to kill the man he believes to have taken his daughter.

Tribal Get Out Alive (2020)

Tribal Get Out Alive - 2020

Title: Tribal Get Out Alive (2020) Genre: Action, Horror, Thriller Runtime: 86 min - Rating: n/A Director: Matt Routledge Cast: Zara Phythian, Ross O'Hennessy, Rachel Warren… Plot: Elite military personnel Caitlin Ross retires from service after suffering from PTSD. Along with former team member and close friend Brad Johnson, they opted for the 'easy life' and now lead a small security firm. The company are hired by young, troublesome millionaire Richard Kenning to clear and secure the land and property he has recently inherited. Rumours and stories surrounding the land and buildings are dismissed until people start disappearing and the team end up locked in with no escape. It soon becomes apparent they are being hunted and the race is on to get out alive.