Shepherd The Hero Dog (2020)

Shepherd The Hero Dog - 2020

Title: SHEPHERD: The Story of a Jewish Dog (2019) Genre: Family Runtime: 93 min - Rating: n/A Director: Lynn Roth Cast: Ayelet Zurer, Ken Duken, August Maturo… Plot: SHEPHERD is based on the award-winning and bestselling Israeli novel, "The Jewish Dog," by Asher Kravitz. Kaleb, a beloved German Shepherd, is separated from his Jewish family when the Nuremberg Laws are enacted in WWII Berlin. He is adopted by an SS Officer who trains him to attack and round up Jews at a concentration camp. Kaleb is well cared for and good at his job until one day when he is distracted by a familiar scent. His original master, a young boy named Joshua, has arrived as a prisoner of the camp. Kaleb has not lost his loyalty to Joshua who finds solace in secretly visiting his dog at night. Joshua's life is at risk. Together they escape the camp and after months of near-death experiences, they are found by partisans who help Joshua make safe passage to Israel.

Jungle Beat,The Movie (2020)

Jungle Beat,The Movie - 2020

Title: Jungle Beat: The Movie (2020) Genre: Animation Runtime: 88 min - Rating: 9 Director: Brent Dawes Cast: David Menkin, David Rintoul, Gavin Peter… Plot: Jungle Beat: The Movie is a charming, family friendly adventure of epic proportions. One morning, the animals of the jungle wake up to discover that they can speak. They're even more amazed when they learn the reason why: There's an alien in the jungle. Little FNEEP has come to conquer the planet and has brought some crazy tech with him, including a translation device that lets them talk for the first time. Unfortunately for the intergalactic Scaldronian empire, but fortunately for the jungle, Fneep is a terrible conqueror: He's homesick, he's crashed his ship, and he's no match for the antics of MUNKI, TRUNK and the gang. Our heroes won't let a little alien conquest get in the way of a good time or a new friend. As the animals help him on his journey home, he learns that friendship could be the greatest force in the universe. But is it a match for a spaceship full of aliens?

Spirits in the Dark (2020)

Spirits in the Dark - 2020

Genre: Drama, Horror, Mystery Runtime: 70 min - Rating: 5.5 Director: József Gallai Cast: József Gallai, Ágota Dunai, Peter Cosgrove… Plot: When a lonely widower discovers a mysterious video on his computer, he finds himself being lured to an abandoned town. But it soon becomes apparent that the town isn't completely abandoned, but occupied by a mysterious and threatening entity of some kind.

Alienated (2020)

Alienated 2020

Title: Alienated (2020) Genre: Sci-Fi Runtime: n/A - Rating: n/A Director: Darryl Anka Cast: Michael Aaron Carico, Gracie Lacey, Paul Hayes… Plot: David Bennett, a struggling OCD scientist (Michael Aaron Carico) with father issues has a life-altering encounter with a UFO and winds up falling for Jordan Waters (Gracie Lacey) a quirky and mysterious female artist who, unbeknownst to him, turns out to be an alien who's being hunted by Ray Watts (Paul Hayes), a determined conspiracy theorist.

1 Interrogation (2020)

1 Interrogation - 2020

Title: 1 Interrogation (2020) Genre: Crime Runtime: n/A - Rating: n/A Director: Dan Hewitt Owens Cast: Dan Hewitt Owens, Charidy Wronski, Tom Arnold… Plot: Detective Bill Daniels has spent the last 40 years in the interrogation unit. Some are criminals, some are victims. Faced with the truth, some lie, some are defiant and some find redemption.